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Aldbrickham Clog  & Step Dancers enjoy performing traditional dances from Britain to live music at local events and festivals. AbC performs both in clogs and shoes. The type of clogs which we wear have wooden soles and leather uppers with laces. Our dances come from all over the British Isles from Shetland to Cornwall via the Isle of Man and Wales.  We also create new dances from archive descriptions or we make them up using traditional steps.

Step dances are traditional dances in hard soled shoes with rhythmic step patterns. Dances are for both groups and soloists, and our repertoire also includes music hall dances which are an important part of the clog and step dance heritage.  Our costume is based on the working clothes worn in the countryside from the Victorian era until the first World War.

We practice at Park URC, Palmer Park Avenue, Reading at  8.15 pm on Tuesdays.  

We have also danced at Oxford Folk Festival, Winchester Mayfest, Reading Bastille Day Celebrations, Chippenham Folk Festival,  Reading Waterfest,  Stoke Row Steam Fair, Wallingford Bunkfest, and Düsseldorf, Reading's twin town.


Dancing Westmoreland Five Reel  at The Bell at Aldworth,

This dance has an unusual reel figure for 5 dancers, the dance is described in Traditional Dancing in Lakeland by JF & TM Flett. According to the book, the Five Reel was only danced occasionally as an exhibition dance and few people could remember the detail!

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In the Great Hall, Winchester

Here we are, dancing the Shetland Six Hand Reel at Stoke  Row Steam Fair 2017

The elements of the dance are described in Traditional Dancing in Scotland by JF & TM Flett.  In the first reel  - described as running the reel,  the ladies lead and their partners follow them, this is danced to the tune Willafjord.  In the second reel is known as the Auld Reel, technically its the Auld Reel of Whalsay, which is also the name of the tune, the partners dance the reel with arms linked behind them.

clog close up

We are now meeting to dance on Tuesday evenings at Park URC, Reading  at 8.15pm

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We are not meeting on 21st, 28thDecember or 4th January 2022

CELEBRATING our 20th Anniversary in April 2021 - well we would if we could!

Performing dances in clogs and shoes from all over the UK